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Deanna's Fiction

Visit my sister-site, The Other Side of Deanna, to read my short fiction. Here you’ll find a plethora of genres including literary, slice-of-life, humor, romance, suspense and more. Most of these stories are rated PG-13 or below; however, some are rated R, so I recommend parental guidance. My rating system can be found on The Other Side of Deanna here.

Below is a favorite story featured on The Other Side of Deanna, (based on readers’ comments), The Waiting. It is also one of the shortest stories I’ve ever written. Click here to view the story, and reader’s comments on The Other Side of Deanna. You can also view a list of favorites here. I hope you enjoy The Waiting and I look forward to seeing you on The Other Side!


The Waiting, by Deanna Schrayer

The Whiskey goes down harsh and scorching as the Texas sun. It hurts. But only the first few shots. After that, it’s smooth as creek water washed over jagged rocks.

I sit and watch the screen door, willing her to walk through it, coming this time, instead of going. After a while I see it move, open. My heart leaps, chasing the liquor through my blood, tingling my fingertips. Then I realize that’s what made the door move in the first place – the whiskey. Not her.

I grab the bottle and refill my glass, light a cigarette and lean back into the couch, blow a stream of smoke above my head where it hovers, as if it can’t decide whether to stay or go. Slowly it slithers across the ceiling and out the door. Even the smoke can’t stand to be in the same room with me.

I inhale. Exhale. And wait.