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You and Your Muse

First, a special Thank You Very Much to Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Ramblings – you know what for. :) It’s a given that we “creative types” each have a muse, defined by The Free Dictionary as a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration; I define the muse as that elusive second personality that comes and … Continue reading

Lucky to be alive!

First of all I hope you are safe and survived the crazy weather we’ve had across the country these past few days. I’m lucky to be alive myself after being outside when one of the thunderstorms with high wind warnings rolled in. Click here to read of my experience on my fiction site, The Other … Continue reading

My writing space at Fuel Your Writing

For the past few months, the prolific writers of Fuel Your Writing have enthralled us with the writing spaces of some of the literary greats. I especially enjoyed reading about The Curious Curios of Roald Dahl, written by Robert Smedley. Now, Christopher Jackson, Editor of Fuel Your Writing, has invited us writers, (the readers of … Continue reading