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Let’s go back!

Warning….? This is one of those “where did the time go?!” posts…. Yesterday we took my son to high school orientation. It wasn’t until around the middle of the presentation that it hit me – my son has only four years of school left! He’ll be driving by this time next year, he’ll be working … Continue reading

“No! You can’t read that!”

Can you imagine living without having read The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, or To Kill a Mockingbird? Well, if not for the American Library Association (ALA), we may be doing just that. Since, it seems, the very first word of fiction was written, someone has complained that those words are not suitable … Continue reading

Diagnosis: Autism ~ One Family’s Story (a short story in recognition of Autism Awareness Month), and a shout-out for Daniel Stefanski’s How to Talk to An Autisic Kid

Note: This is a two-part post – My short story, Diagnosis: Autism ~ One Family’s Story, immediately follows the review of How To Talk To An Autistic Kid. In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, I’d like you to meet Daniel Stefanski. Daniel’s book, How to Talk to an Autistic Kid, celebrates its release Friday, April … Continue reading