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Lucky to be alive!

First of all I hope you are safe and survived the crazy weather we’ve had across the country these past few days. I’m lucky to be alive myself after being outside when one of the thunderstorms with high wind warnings rolled in. Click here to read of my experience on my fiction site, The Other … Continue reading

What will you miss?

Just a few things I will miss   “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”  William Wallace  Nearly a month ago, on New Year’s Day, my aunt passed away. Auntie was a beautiful woman who was forever smiling, and her laugh was so loud and genuine you could hear it a mile away, and it … Continue reading

Destroying Earth’s creatures

I have been fighting a wasp, it could be a mud- dauber, trying to build a nest on my screen porch for a week! He’ll drop in and slap some mud on the corner of the sliding glass door, (and he even dropped a couple pieces of mud on my laptop one day!), then, when … Continue reading

Home is where my heart is

Vacation is nice, but the best part, for me, is always getting back home. I felt that more this year than any other. We visited St. Augustine, Florida this past week, which was a good, much needed break, but, as I said, I’m glad to be home. St. Augustine is a nice place to vacation, … Continue reading