My writing space at Fuel Your Writing


For the past few months, the prolific writers of Fuel Your Writing have enthralled us with the writing spaces of some of the literary greats. I especially enjoyed reading about The Curious Curios of Roald Dahl, written by Robert Smedley.

Now, Christopher Jackson, Editor of Fuel Your Writing, has invited us writers, (the readers of FYW), to show off our own [writing spaces]. My writing space(s) is featured on Fuel Your Writing today – I hope you’ll check it out! Be sure to browse around while you’re there – Fuel Your Writing is a fantastic source for writers of both fiction and nonfiction!

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4 thoughts on “My writing space at Fuel Your Writing

    • Thanks so much Lydia! My space is a bit….um, different? I hope you enjoy the article, and pictures!

  1. Beautiful space Deanna and well written article. Well done! Has anyone told you lately that you’re AWESOME! Well, you are :)

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