Psychic ability – do you have it?

I awoke Thursday morning to a strange feeling, the kind where I knew something significant was about to happen; specifically, I felt a well-known person would pass away. Six hours later I learned that JD Salinger, author of Catcher in the Rye, died. He was 91-years-old. I had that same kind of feeling several hours before we heard that Steve McNair was shot and killed last year.

One night, when I was 17-years-old, I was startled awake by something, though I didn’t know what the something was. I felt an overwhelming urge to look at the clock. It was 3:34 A.M. Naturally I thought it was a nightmare that woke me, but I couldn’t recall dreaming about anything at all. I had no idea why I just had to see what time it was. I felt so uneasy it took quite a while for me to get back to sleep.

When I woke up, around 7:30, it was deathly quiet in the house. I got up and searched each room, calling out for my mom, dad, and sisters, wondering the whole time what was wrong. I knew something was not right, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out why I felt that way. No one was home. Eventually I found a note from Mom telling me that she and my sisters had gone to town to get groceries. Still, I knew something had happened, though I didn’t feel it had anything to do with my parents or my sisters. Then the phone rang, and I instantly knew who was calling, and what they would say. I answered the phone, “Diana?”

My cousin was bawling, “Pooh,” (my nickname), she sobbed.

Instead of her telling me what happened, I told her, “Dennis died at 3:34 this morning, didn’t he?”

“How did you know that?” she was incredulous.

“That’s what time I woke up.” I told her.

After she cried a few more minutes she told me that her husband, (soon to be ex-husband, they were separated), had died in a car crash, about 300 miles away, where they had lived until they separated and she moved back home.

How did I know that? What caused me to bolt upright in bed at the exact time he died? How did I know it was my cousin calling, and how did I know what she was going to tell me? I’ve always wondered about that. Obviously I have at least a smidgen of physic ability. Just knowing that I knew what happened, and even what time it happened, frightened me.

Since that day, every time I have a dream of someone who has passed away, (someone I knew), within a few days I learn of someone else in our family passing away. Needless to say, any time I dream of someone who’s dead, I have a dreadful feeling until I learn who it is that has died. I’ve never been given a clue as to who it is that has passed on, only the “hint”, for lack of a better word, that someone will indeed die soon.

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? Are you afraid to mention it for fear that people will think you need to be admitted to the looney bin? I’ve heard that we all have that sixth sense built into us, but the majority of us have so much going on in our heads there isn’t enough space in there to allow these type feelings to come through. I’ve also heard that, although one must be “born into” psychic medium ability, one can also train themselves to allow at least a portion of that reception. The only thing is, you have to sit still for a long time, (in order to meditate), so that pretty much throws my chances out the window, not that I’d like to increase them anyway.

When Michael Jackson died last year, I wondered if anyone had predicted his death. So I did a search and discovered a video [by MTV] of Joseph Tittel, psychic medium, announcing that Michael Jackson would have major health problems and “we might even lose him”. The video aired on February 3, 2009. Michael died on June 25, 2009. Since discovering that video, I’ve been following Joseph Tittel’s predictions, and I occasionally listen to the show he does on blogtalkradio. He’s quite interesting to listen to, and amazingly accurate in his predictions, (though I have to tell you, I don’t particularly care for his bedside manner; he seems rather rude to his audience at times).

With this sort of evidence, how could we not believe in people’s physic ability? What is it that makes us turn our heads away from this type phenomenon? I believe it’s mostly in our upbringing – whatever we’re taught as children usually sticks with us, and, whether we want to believe it or not, (whatever “it” is), we can’t help it. Even when we really want to shout to the world, “It’s true! I just know it’s true!”, there’s this nagging little voice in the back of our minds saying, “Are you crazy? Do you want everyone to think you’re crazy? Just hush up right now.”

I’ve never spoken to a psychic medium, nor have I ever called any “900” number, but I do wonder what a true psychic medium could, or would, tell me about my own abilities. I wonder if I’m supposed to be using this gift, if you will, to help others, or if it’s just some sort of fluke that I should be ignoring. Maybe I am just looney and need to be admitted. :)

I’d love to know about your experiences with psychic phenomenon and what-not. Have you had dreams, day or night, that have come true, do you know who it is when the phone rings, (without looking at caller ID), do you know when someone halfway across the country is thinking about you? Let’s talk about it.

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  1. I don’t have dreams–that I remember, anyway– but many times when off the top of my head I say something is going to happen, it does. Not if I think on it. It’s just that first flash of thought that catches me unaware.

    Once I was trying to beg off a friend’s invitation to spend the evening and I lied. I told her that my sister and her boyfriend were coming for dinner. Not true since hadn’t spoken to my sister at all that day. Hung up with my friend.


    Yep. The doorbell rang and it was my sister and her guy. They told me they were in the neighborhood and were hoping to get a dinner out of me!

    Many more instances like this.

    Weird. It’s as if there’s an entity that doesn’t want me to lie at all, haha.

    Yes. People always have said I should be sent somewhere that resembles a loony bin.
    Then they ask me what the lottery numbers will be!

    • Sorry to laugh at you Marisa, but that is so funny! I bet you about died when your sister and her guy showed up. Funny how we’re taught not to lie, isn’t it? :)

      You do dream, we all dream, but most of the time we can’t recall our dreams. I keep pen & paper on my bedside table in case I wake up from a dream I don’t want to lose. My dreams are so vivid they sometimes act as great story starters. What I hate is when I have a great dream and, upon awakening, hubby starts talking to me right away, erasing the memory of the dream altogether. I don’t know why he does that because he knows it takes me a good hour to actually wake up, which means he just has to tell me whatever it is he told me all over again…. sigh

      I forgot to mention that my youngest son is very sensitive to his psychic abilities. We once went to a cook-out at a friend’s house and had never been there before. On the way he kept asking questions about what the house looked like, and I kept telling him I didn’t know because I’d never been there. He wouldn’t stop – “Is it the house with the red truck in the driveway? Does it have those stairs that go all the way from one side of the house to the other, starting at the kitchen and coming out in the living room? Does your friend always have tomatos sitting on the windowsill in the screened porch?” and on and on and on…. I kept saying “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.” I was flabbergasted when we arrived and saw that he had described the house to a tee. Sometimes he’ll ask me about something that supposedly I’d been told about, but hadn’t – until two or three hours later. His intuition scares me.

      Don’t worry Marisa, we won’t lock you up in the looney bin. :)

      • I was once told that we all are born with incredible psychic abilities but these get tamped down and we lose the knowledge and belief in it.

        Also was told I should find a guide, a mentor to show me the way. Having attended Catholic school, the nuns always drilled into us that anything that had to do with paranormal stuff would open the door to the devil! Eek! So I guess I have always been wary of it. Would love to study and maybe embrace ability if it’s not too late.

        Forgot to say that sometimes I answer a person’s remark or question BEFORE they actually asked or said anything. Freaks them out.

        Of course, I daydream a lot. And this disturbs family members.

        I am a Cancer and the moon rules me. So, of course I’m moony and loony!

      • I’m glad you mentioned the religious aspect of it Marisa. I was kind of afraid to, but it’s so true with so many ‘Christian’ religions – just like you said, those beliefs and abilities get tamped down, causing us to lose some of, if not all of, the ability. But ya know what? That really makes no sense. Look at how often God sent angels to deliver messages throughout the Bible. I’ve never understood how a religious person who believes in the Bible can turn around and tell us to do the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches. I am a Christian, was saved in ’79, and went to church throughout my childhood, and for quite some time in my adulthood, but eventually I got so tired of the contradictions, (especially the “don’t judge others” aspect that seemed to be completely ignored), that I stopped going to church altogether. But that’s a whole other subject that I’d better not get started on.

        Yes! Do seek a mentor to guide you into opening up your abilities. I’d love to hear where that takes you.

        I’m surprised to hear you’re a Cancer. I usually guess people’s signs correctly, or at least 95% of the time. I’ve never tried to guess yours, but if I had I would’ve most likely guessed an air sign, Libra probably. Interesting.

  2. Yes, this happens to me, too often. Not always about death, but that does hover as a heavy shadow. I don’t talk much about it to anyone other than my Beloved and very close friends. It scares people and sometimes me too.

    I think that because we are all connected in spirit and spirit is an engery that sometimes some of us pick up on a wave or a ripple when that engery is about to change or has just changed.

    I hear what others think, feel other’s emotions and have learned to block it most of the time. Sometimes it’s hard to know if it is “me” or someone else.

    Learning daily is required, things change so fast , ya know?

    • I know what you mean about hearing others think, and feeling their emotions Paige. I’ve never done that myself, (and I’m grateful – I have enough of my own emotions to deal with), but my son, the one I mentioned has true pyschic abilities, does this, and it can sometimes really tear him up. When his friends are sad, he cries, and has no idea why he’s crying, or if someone is angry he picks up on that and becomes angry himself. That must be so frustrating to have to deal with. I don’t envy either of you.

      I agree with your belief that “spirit is an energy that sometimes some of us pick up on a wave…” When I lay down in my bed at night I hear what sounds like people talking far away, sort of like listening in on a conversation through a thin wall, but you can’t understand a word being said. My husband thinks it’s just because my body is so sensitive to outside influences that I’m picking up radio waves, which surprised me, (to hear him say that I mean), because he thinks anything paranormal is just hogwash, or so he says. I think he’s just afraid of it.

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts Paige.

  3. As I write my phone just rang …with incredible feeling of something has happened..My daily life is like that …my tweets ,my visions ,my sayings…sometimes I say something and the next advert on TV has a quote ..I have visions ,where i can see things ,faces ..but don’t know who or which country ..I feel people ..sometimes I know what they are going to say ..sometimes i put it down to my brain working overtime eyes sees the little details ..i am very intuitive ..i am yet to see a ghost ,but i feel them surrounding me ..I love maths ,and I can see numbers everywhere …most numbers often calculate to the same single digits ..I don’t think I am a psychic ,I don’t know what I am ..I know I have this incredible empathy towards people …my Son and i laugh at the same things without saying a word ..I believe its because he is Pisces.I have been very lucky with no injuries in my lifetime ..because there is a little voice I listen to soul speaks and I listen ..others ignore as they deem it it silly ..Don’t !that little voice is the secret gift ..the secret of life ..the guide..the manual…

    • Hi Roos, and welcome! Interesting that your son is a pisces. Mine is too. If you know anything about astrology, (and it sounds like you do), you know that Pisceans, (sp?), have the greatest awareness of psych. The often feel other people’s feelings. My dad and my best friend are Pisces too and they have both always astounded me with knowing what I’m thinking, or what I’m about to do. It’s scary.

      You are so right – it’s very important that we listen to that little voice. I believe doing just that has prevented me from accidents before. It’s usually a spirit, maybe someone we were close to in waking life, watching over us and making sure they get the message to us that we need to be careful. Thanks for bringing that up!

  4. While I’m thinking of it, Joseph Tittel, the psychic medium I mention in this post, announced his 2010 predictions on blogtalkradio on January 5th, (I believe it was). He’s supposed to update his blog with a list of those, but I’ve not seen them yet.

    However, I listened to the show at a later date and transcribed some of the predictions. I’m going to list a few here because I’d like to check back in a few months and find out if any of them come ture. As a side note – he did predict a major earthquake near the coast of Venezuela or Brazil on that day he first announced his predictions. That was about a week before the earthquake in Haiti.

    There are tons of predictions, but I’ll only list a few:
    1. Mick Jagger or Keith Richards will pass away
    2. 2 major earthquakes in northeast US, near Canada border, biggest ever before 2012
    3. Florida large hurricane declares state of emergency
    4. Major shooting at school, maybe Indiana – #23 comes to mind, but not sure what that signifies
    5. Shooting at mall and post office in July
    6. 2 big countries war, like Desert Storm – 1 of these on Christmas Day
    7. Iran launches nuclear warhead
    8. Scientists in Switzerland discover AIDS vaccine
    9. Lots of plane crashes – 1 kills well-known actor, (he refused to say who), while another kills 2 members of a band
    10. NASA rocket fire and something gets stuck in space
    11. Something big with Bill Cosby – cancer or death
    12. 2 largest train wrecks in history, 1 in US, 1 in Germany
    13. Celebrity deaths – Elizabeth Taylor found dead in bed, large # of younger celebrities, one from cancer, one suicide, one accidental overdose, one found in bathtub
    14. Oprah has heart attack within next 5 years, has surgery
    15. Hillary Duff tragic accident in August

    I’m hoping Joseph will get his blog updated soon so you can view the “real” list. Address: Keep in mind this is only a portion of my transcription of the show I listened to on blogtalkradio.
    Of course I hope most of these don’t come to pass, but I believe it’s very likely as many of his predictions have come true.

  5. I’m sure we must all be connected or plugged in this way, since we each have a soul, body and mind. It is our own barriers and fear of the unknown which keeps these abilities at bay. Certain people, like yourself, are blessed with gifts which tap into this more than others. It’s really no surprise to me and I’m not sure why our society is so reluctant to accept this. Maybe because many of us are.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Psychic Kids, but it’s amazing to see the abilities these children have. Most of them are so confused. They’ve had no one to share this with and need guidance and support. It’s good they are getting that.

    Me, eh, yes, I suppose I do. I’m a magnet for thoughts and feelings. I can walk in a house and pick right up on the energy there, whether good or bad. Same with the people I’m around. I’ve learned how to keep it from draining me. In other words-I can’t help someone if I jump in a pit with them, but I can extend my hand and allow them to take it.

    • I haven’t seen Psychic Kids, but it sounds interesting. I’ll have to check that out. I can’t imagine the turmoil those poor kids go through, most likely adults thinking they’ve lost their mind or are schizophrenic or something. Poor kids.

      I’m not surprised that you pick up on energies easily Dorraine. You’re such an open-minded person in general, and that’s a trait you must have in order to feel those energies. It’s good that you learned early how to control those feelings and not let it drain you. They could easily do that to us.

      When I first started writing this post, (I always write my posts in Word before actually posting them), I got so deep into all the individual experiences I’ve had, communicating with spirits and what-not, it kept getting longer and longer. I finally had to stop and make two different documents out of it. The parts I removed, my individual experiences, is sitting right now, trying to decide what to do with itself. It may become another post, or it may become several different flash pieces, who knows?

      Thanks for telling me about the Psychic Kids program!

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  7. Deanna,

    I’ve had many incidences with the spiritual realm. I’ve seen (wide awake) ghosts and a demon. I know we have spiritual abilities and that most of us have no idea on how to tap into them. Being a Christian I understand the gifts I have come from God and are for the blessing of others. There have been many times when I will pray for someone and out of my mouth will flow words that did not come from my brain. Usually the person will be shocked and ask me how did I know what I just said. I always tell them I don’t know, and I don’t. They are always blessed that God spoke to them through another. Especially when it involves knowledge of what is going on in their life.

    The ghosts I saw before I became a Christian. The demon I saw in a church service. That was something!


    • Elizabeth, I had completely forgotten that I posted a blog a while back about dreams and spirits, until your reply here. That reminded me of our conversation about it, and I recall that you’ve had several experiences with the paranormal world. You’re obviously a very open-minded person, being that you have had all these experiences.
      I feel like I’m rambling. Anyway, as I said in my reply to Dorraine, I got kind of side-tracked when writing this post, remembering all those times I’ve felt and/or communicated with spirits. Although I’m thinking about writing different stories about those experiences, I may also post a blog about them here, (if I can narrow it down to one post).
      You may have already told me about the demon in the church, so please excuse me if you did and I don’t remember it – I’d Love to hear about it. Maybe you can do a post on your site about that experience? Would you be comfortable with that? If not, send me an email – I’m truly very interested.

  8. Yes, I do believe strongly in psychic or energetic connections. I have some abilites…at times. I got them from my mother. She always made jokes about it but, she was very receptive. It was hard to get away with stuff as a teenager. I mean, I got away with plenty but was foiled or found out on many occasions. Too many to be random. She knew lots of other things too. I think the hard part is trusting and voicing your intuition and thoughts. Often times, the validation is there if we can just open up to others. And, as you mention in your post, I have enhanced the knowing with meditation.

    My friend, Susan, is very psychic, does readings and teaches many classes. Before she moved from this area, Redding, in upper northern California, she even taught two year Clairvoyant Training classes. I took all of her other classes but that one, to my chagrin. Due to my work schedule, I couldn’t commit to the every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. for two years schedule.

    In fact, I even had a little psychic flirtation with you recently. I was coming to look for your book review on Dorraine’s “Jack Rabbit Moon” when you showed up on my blog comments. I found your research on the Michael Jackson prediction quite awakening.

    • Yes, Ronda, that was quite strange that you were searching for me when I posted a reply on your interview with Dorraine. Proof that yes, we do possess these abilites.

      I wish I could visit your friend, Susan and get a reading but alas I’m thousands of miles away. Maybe she does phone readings? I’d love to know more about her, and if she does indeed do phone readings. I am quite concerned about my health, (I have fibromyalgia but have recently had a lot of strange and scary things going on), so I’d like to know what a psychic could tell me about that.

      My mom has always had an uncanny intuition too, though she’d never admit to being psychic in any form, as she was one who had it beat into her head that all that stuff is hogwash, hence my “carefulness” on the subject.

      I’m a bit nervous right now – I dreamed of my ex-brother-in-law last night, who has been dead since ’96. So of course I’m wondering who has died, or who is going to. Maybe I just dreamed about him because of this discussion being in my mind? I hope that’s the only reason.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Ronda! I look forward to getting to know you better.

      • I think Susan can do long distance readings. She is in Mexico now for a while she sailed down there with her hubby. But she Skype’s. I will ask her about it. I will be writing about her in a bit. One of my other good friends is a professional astrologer. She is also a great source for the type of information you are looking at. Her link is on my side bar – Stardiviner.

        Unless you know who you are free to be yourself with, carefulness is always prudent. I hope that your ex-brother-in-law is just hanging around to give input to our discussion and not an ill omen.

        I look forward to getting to know you too and to looking through your site as I have time. Lots of 411 here.

        Happy Candlemas tomorrow! Remember to make a wish and this is such a good time to lay out your game plan from now until spring equinox. Very good time, indeed.

      • Thanks so much for that info Ronda! I’m definitely interested in having a reading done, but will have to use my “secret stash” to pay for it as I’m sure the hubby won’t go for using our limited funds in such a way. What? Secret stash? Oh hush up – I didn’t say a word. :)

        I’m working this morning, but hope to have enough time to write a post about the poetry slam, including my favorite poem, Love’s Philosophy, by Percy Bysshe Shelley, which we used on our wedding programs. I’m so glad you told us about the slam! Thanks!

      • Ronda, I went to the site, Stardiviner, via your link and IE shut down on me. I’m afraid to go back for fear of what it may do to my computer, but I really want to know about her. I may try it on a different computer later.

    • Only if you want to Elizabeth. I’d love to hear it of course but don’t do it just for me. Maybe you’ll discover something you can submit from it. :)

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  10. I think you’ll enjoy that program. It’s on A&E on Tuesday nights. Yes, some of those kids have been so misunderstood, even by their own parents. If you didn’t have any of those gifts, it would be daunting and confusing trying to understand a child who did, even if it was your own.

    I’m sure there are many many people with different abilities along these lines who just choose to ignore them. We are seeing so much more now, regarding such things, which makes it easier to claim what we have and use it for good.

    • Oh yes, I looked it up and it does seem to be right up my alley. I love those shows that TAPS and others like them do, so I’m sure I’ll like Physchic Kids. Thanks so much for telling me about it Dorraine!

  11. Fascinating discussion. I do believe all human beings have “psychic” gifts (various manifestations). I think I’d rather call it a sixth sense, one that tunes into energy and if we understood energy a little better wouldn’t be so mysterious. I do think, like anything else, training makes a difference. (If you would’ve asked me about this just three years ago I would’ve had a different answer…I was pretty skeptical.) I grew up with a mom who had these types of gifts. She just knew something would happen–one particularly thing affected our family greatly (could’ve torn it apart) and she was the only one prepared–and became the one to hold everyone together. She interprets it all in a Christian framework, though, so “psychic” is not a label she’d accept. My brother knows things before they happen. I have known things as well, although I seem to tap in more to others’ emotional states long distance in the present moment. (And have friends who do with me. I’ll get a phone call at midnight: “Okay, what’s up? I’m supposed to call you”–at a time when I really needed someone but there’s no way anyone knew what was going on.) Even after being around so many “psychic” things in my family and with my friends (and my mom hitting bull’s eye after bull’s eye), I tried to ignore it in myself. I wouldn’t trust it and I was afraid someone would call me crazy. Last year I began to embrace it–really embrace it–for the first time. Not to become a “psychic,” but to trust what I do know. It helped to date someone for whom this wasn’t all strange, but a way of life (since he’d grown up with it). He encouraged me more than anyone, and could understand things without my having to explain them. All of the sudden I was normal.

    But I think a lot of us are that type of normal. :) I think everything is connected and I think we don’t really understand how things work. “Psychic” phenomena may not be supernatural at all, but simply another manifestation of the natural world we’ve not explored.

    • I’m so glad you decided to accept your abilities Melissa. I think you hit the nail on the head – a lot of us, when we don’t understand “how” something works, would rather just ignore that it works at all than accept that it can work without our knowing how. I hope that makes sense. A lot of people need concrete, physical evidence of almost everything before they will believe in it.
      My husband is quite skeptical, about a lot of things, but I truly believe that he’s not trying to be difficult, (in this case anyway) :) – he’s just one of those who is afraid of things he can’t explain.
      Thanks so much for joining in and sharing your experiences.

  12. Hahaha! My dad is skeptical, too–he’s not “sensitive,” but he saw my mom for the first time in the college lunchroom and knew he’d marry her! (Didn’t ask her out until a year later…)The funniest thing happened over Thanksgiving. We’re in this restaurant and I start feeling bad, I’m “picking up something.” I don’t say anything until I really feel bad and by then my mom is already “picking up on something.” She then says, after the table behind us left, “You should feel better now.” I said, “I know.” From there ensues a conversation that essentially divides the table in half. Those who “get” what we’re talking about and those that “feel nothing.” (My dad: “I never feel nothin'”) My brother is talking about himself and his wife and their experiences and my oldest son jumps in (!) and we’re all speaking a language that no one else seems to know. I said my dad’s skeptical, but he’s not really. He’s learned to trust my mom’s vibes. There’s still a small part of him that doesn’t like that it doesn’t obey engineering rules, though…

    • Melissa, your dad does sound a lot like my husband. And you reminded me of our meeting. The night we met we were both supposed to have been somewhere else, but changed our mind at the last minute, (it wasn’t until a year later that we talked about it and discovered that we’d changed our minds at the exact same time). The second he walked into the restaurant I was at, I felt him, and when I saw him I told my friend “that’s the man I’m going to marry”. It was the strangest feeling.
      Sometimes my hubby will listen to my vibes, if I’m very nervous or upset he will, but he tries so hard not to believe. I guess that’s not such a bad thing though – one of us needs to have our feet on the ground. :)

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  15. Okay y’all, I’ve been trying to keep mum about this, but I can’t stand it any longer. No one has died yet, but my sister’s father-in-law has brain cancer, and is in his last days. He doesn’t know anything that’s going on around him, she says, and they’re just by his side, waiting for him to take his last breath. Is this why I dreamed of my ex brother-in-law I wonder, the one who died in ’96? I think it must be. As I said, when I dream of someone who is dead, someone else I know dies within a few days of that dream. What I didn’t mention is the relationship aspect. If the dream is of someone I knew well, or was close to, the person who dies is someone I know well or am close to, whereas if it’s someone I didn’t know well, or wasn’t close to, the person who dies is also someone I don’t know well or am not close to. I’ve only met my sister’s father-in-law a couple of times, during cookouts at her house and things like that, so I don’t know him well. I feel so sorry for her husband, my brother-in-law. He’s really struggling with his dad’s illness, and immiinent death right now. So I’m asking you all to say a prayer for him, to send him your positive, loving thoughts in this time of need. And thank you all very much for your friendship, and for your prayers.

  16. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my sister’s famliy. Her father-in-law did pass away yesterday morning. It’s not a terrible thing though as he was in a great deal of pain because of the cancer, so he’s at peace now. Also, I can let go of the nervousness and worry since I know who it was now.
    Thank you again everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

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  18. Hi.. ths is for my friend he thinks hes going crazy with worry but he keeps having hits recurring dream.
    Hes been having it for about 2 months now.. anout his writing on his bedroom wall in blood the dat 8/9/2012.
    Also their are men in white coats surrounding him and they point 2 fingers at him as if to say 2 left he keeps saying .
    He think’s he has some sort of ability but isnt sure what?
    he keeps saying wen he meets people he dusnt see the person or something im confused as to what he means but i just came up on this website to seek help for him.
    i would much appreciate if somebody could answer me if they have any idea what this mean’s or if it has meaning ?.
    Thank’s Racheal xx

    • Hi Rachel, and thanks for stopping in. Since I’m not trained in the area of psychic ability or dream interpretation, I’m sorry to say I can’t answer the question of what your friend’s recurring dream means. I believe the only people who may be able to help is your friend himself, or someone close to him.

      Dream interpretation is a difficult discipline, and requires the interpreter knows quite a bit about the person’s life; most often dreams will point to something specific going on in the dreamer’s life at the time, and they’re rarely visions of the future.

      Keeping that in mind, (that I’m just a “regular” person, not a dream interpreter), here are my thoughts: The date 8/9/2012 may not be a date at all. The numbers themselves may be associated with something in your friend’s life – his address, phone number, a friend’s address, etc. Seeing someone in white coats could mean he feels “trapped” in some aspect of his life and needs to face that fear. Again, it all depends on what each part of the dream means to your friend in his life.

      Here’s a link to a dream interpretation forum where you and your friend can talk to others about his dream. Hopefully there’s someone here who can help:

      Good luck to you both and thanks again for stopping in!

  19. Dear Deanna,
    I am a lady in my mid 50s. When I was about 22 I had a dream. It seemed to be the 1800s, and I was young and deeply in love with a young man. I was returning home one evening from seeing him and I was attacked by a man, raped and killed. I woke up, from the dream crying, not out of fear but because I could still feel this over welding love and sadness that this had only been a dream. This dream was very vivid and detailed.
    Ten years ago I met a man whom a friend introduced me to. When she walked him over to the table I was sitting at, I thought I would faint! I had never forgotten the mans face after all these years in the dream that I was so in love with… was him!
    We are now married and still so in love.
    I now believe in reincarnation…..a few years later after that dream, I was laying in my bed, and like a movie a vision appeared in front of me. It was a car with three little girls waving o the back window at me..I never forgot the faces. My husband had three little girls from his first wife. They were the children I saw in my vision.

    • What an amazing story Sherrie! I’m glad your dreams and visions in this case had a happy ending. :)
      Thanks so much for stopping in and telling us of your experiences.

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